Bedroom Window

from by Goin' Places



"Bedroom Window"

I can see through you
You protect me from the rain
You show me the world
You let the sun shine in

Time has changed your look
Time has beat you down
All the years you shielded me
You never wore a frown

Years of filth never fade
It stays with you forever
As hard as I try to clean
It still will not get better

Life has past me by
Through my bedroom window
No one sees my pain
Through my bedroom window

I'm locked up for a while
They can't believe I was involved
No one thinks I can do it
You've been with me through it all

"You're Gonna Be My Girl"

Staring at the ceiling
Counting up the reasons
Why I should give up on you

Seems that there are plenty
Whenever I'm ready
I just have to make a move

But there's just one issue
I still wanna kiss you
And take you home with me

Next time we come back here
We'll be with each other
Yea, and everyone will see

You're gonna be my girl

Every now and then I
See things 20/20
And I realize what to do

Then I see that smile
And after a while
I can't get my mind off you

Just imagine what it
Would be like if we were
Makin' love inside my room

I'm the one who's needy
And it may sound greedy
But here's what you have to do

You're gonna be my girlfriend
And I'm gonna make it happen
so you better watch out now
Cause I'm comin' now to get you

Now it's all planned out
So just stick your hand out
And walk around with me

Everyone is looking
How did he get that girl?
Air is filled with jealousy

Let's go where it's quiet
No one will bother us
We'll do what we have to do

As you take my shirt off
I start to wake up
Some day this dream will come true


from Relationship Sneakers, released February 14, 2012



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