Nobody Gives A Shit About Us

from by Goin' Places



"Nobody Gives A Shit About Us"

Nobody gives a shit about us
Nobody seems to care at all
Nobody listens to our music
They'd rather buy their rap songs at the mall

Nobody likes the punk rock music
Nobody likes the punk rock show
They just come to see their friend's band play
Playing for the people that they know

Because nobody gives a shit about us
They don't care about our stupid band
They don't care about you or me or him
They'd rather see their friends then be our fan

Nobody wants to buy our music
They'd rather spend it on the rest
They'll buy their friend's brand new demo
Our scene is a popularity contest

Why do we bother making records?
Wasting our time in a punk rock band?
We're doing what we want so fuck off
(We're) having fun so we have the upper hand

We know that
Nobody gives a shit about us
And we don't really care at all


from Relationship Sneakers, released February 14, 2012



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