Tongue Tied

from by Goin' Places



"Tongue Tied"

She's got me tongue tied
But this one doesn't seem like last time
I know this girl who's got me tongue tied
I couldn't think of a sweeter crime

And when I see her
My palms get sweaty and my mouth's dry
I wanna tell her what's she's doing
A smile is my only outcry

I wanna tell her I love her
That I only think of her
But I can't seem to come up with the words

I wanna tell her I need her
That I wanna be with her
But I can't seem to come up with the nerve

Cause she's the one who can do it
Yea and I always knew it
From the minute I caught that little smile

She makes me so happy
To be alone with my misery
And you know I'll give one more try

And then she tells me
Says that she loves me, couldn't hurt me
Just want her to know she can take it
That it's for her to hold or break, yea

Want her to know how I see her
That I feel like I need her
And I can't seem to get her off my mind

That she keeps me awake
That she's got my heart racing
That I think about her all the time

Let her know that I'd be there
Show her how much I really care
If she'd only just give me the time

And it's not for those reasons
Now I'm begging and pleading
That you'll let down your guard just one time

And then she walks by
I'll take it slow and this time say hi
Tongue tied
I love the girl who's got me tongue tied

She's gonna break your heart (I knew it from the start)
You come from different worlds (she's my kind of girl)
You know it's gonna hurt (but when she wears that shirt)
She's got a different lifestyle (and that cute little smile)

She'd rip the heart out your chest (but her laugh is the best)
It's not meant to be (when she looks at me)
She makes you toss and turn (a lesson I dont wanna learn)
You'll never get that girl (and that's why I love her so)


from Relationship Sneakers, released February 14, 2012



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